Regent/LA #2 Size 2 black

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Fliegenrollen / Regent

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Regent-Large Arbor (FastRetrieve)

This is the most popular version of Stenzel reels. With this model we adhered to our basic construction principles and incorporated the drag and pawl system of the standard Regent. By using the quick release method of standard Regent it can be instantly converted into a fast retrieve system with all the advantages as such. As with the standard Regent, please indicate if the drag should be set to the left or right.

• Full compatible with the standard Regent • Fast Retrieve • Adjustable and smooth running cork disk drag • Quick release interchangeable spool • Rim Control • Corrosion resistant needle bearings • Saltwater resistant • Four sizes to choose from in multiple colors • Supplied in a pouch, optional with neoprenbag

  • Size AFTMA Weight Kapacity d-Spool wide
    1 3-4 134 g WF3 + 25 m Backing 76 mm 26 mm
    2 5-6 151 g WF6 + 70 m Backing 86 mm 26 mm
    3 7-9 168 g WF7 + 90 m Backing 96 mm 26 mm
    4 8-10 172 g WF7 +110 m Backing 96 mm 31 mm
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