Art.-No. Art.-No. Art.-N0.
Class Diameter Impact 9' (2,70 m) 12' (3,60 m) 15' (4,50 m)
7x 0,115 mm 1,00 kg 69-7x    
6x 0,140 mm 1,40 kg 69-6x 612-6x  
5x 0,160 mm 1,70 kg 69-5x 612-5x 615-5x
4x 0,185 mm 2,50 kg 69-4x 612-4x 615-4x
3x 0,210 mm 3,60 kg 69-3x 612-3x 615-3x
2x 0,240 mm 4,50 kg 69-2x 612-2x 615-2x
1x 0,260 mm 5,20 kg 69-1x 612-1x 615-1x
0x 0,280 mm 6,50 kg 69-0x 612-0x 615-0x
01x 0,330 mm 7,20 kg 69-01x 612-01x  
02x 0,360 mm 8,80 kg 69-02x 612-02x  
03x 0,390 mm 10,20 kg 69-03x 612-03x  

Riverge tapered leader made from best Fluorocarbon in 12 feet

Kureha's Riverge series of fishing lines are made of a special fluorocarbon developed using original high polymer technology. The performance of Riverge is far superior to that of conventional nylon line.
It offers higher strength, outstanding durability, and fast sinking speed, and is also very difficult for fish to see in water. Comparison tests against nylon confirm Riverge's superiority in all these areas.


Light Refraction Close to Water's

Naturally, a good fishing line must be hard for a fish to see. The standard for judgings a line's visibility must be based upon its performance in water. The closer a line's ratio of refraction is to that of water, the more difficult it is for the fish to see the line. Riverge's light refraction ratio of nylon is between 1.53 and 1.62. Now you can understand why we call Riverge the fishing line fish can't see.


Times the sinking Speed of Nylon

A good fishing line must sink fast where it has been cast. Our Graphs illustrates measurement of sinking speed in water based on specific gravity. While nylon line takes 40 seconds to sink 30cm, Riverge takes just 15 seconds. In practice, this means Riverge can make a difference in getting fish on the hook.

Knot Impact Strengh


Fishing a Dry Fly


  • A Nylon Leader has "memory", a twist, coil or curl in a nylon tippet can cause a dry fly to drift unnaturally!
  • A riverge fluorcarbon tippet is virtually memory free, so a dry fly drifts down-
    stream as naturally as the fish's real food!

Dietmar Jeschke got a 14,05 kg Rainbow trout  on a 12 LBS riverge tippet July the 27th 1999.

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