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Fly Rod design, materials and manufacturing techniques have revolutionised fly rod performance and have changed the way we can cast greatly in a relatively short space of time.

Yet as a line manufacturer, the line rating system that we must adhere to was created when many people still used rods built from cane.

Airflo realised that to maximise your true potential with modern fly rods, the flyline design had to be radically upgraded - welcome to the new Forty Plus line.

Ask almost any flyfisher what cast they would like to do and almost without fail they will tell you ‘ a longer one’.

Taking the advantages of a shooting head and blending them into an advanced weight forward design, we have created a distance casting flyline without any negatives. The Forty Plus looks and handles just like a regular flyline - that is, until you begin to cast it!

The short 35’ head means that it is both easy and quick to load your rod, so less effort and less false casting. The low diameter, low mass running line literally flies up off the floor and whizzes through the guides with very little effort.

No more guesswork, each running line is colour coded for easy line control when false casting, to find that perfect loading point.

The long front taper delays turnover to help increase distance and then lands delicately for perfect presentation.

The new Forty Plus is available in a range of 6 densities and incorporates Airflo standards, like PolyFuse coatings and Density compensation - Forty Plus from Airflo is a true breakthrough in distance line performance.



TDC variable density coating for the ultimate in casting control and incredible buoyancy all the way to the tip.


TDC has been incorporated to improve coating hardness on the heavily stressed area’s of rear taper and running line - helping to eliminate any line sag during the double haul, increasing line speed and ultimately distance.

Forty Plus Lines
Lines Taper Information* Diagram Lines # and Colour Options
  Core Taper Length Tip Front Belly Rear Running  
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
40+ Floating Braided WF 123ft 1ft 17ft 17ft 1ft 87ft
          6 7 8 9        
40+ Slow Int Mono WF 123ft 1ft 17ft 17ft 1ft 87ft
          6 7 8 9        
40+ Fast Int Mono WF 123ft 1ft 17ft 17ft 1ft 87ft
Clear 6 7 8 9        
40+ DI3 Sink Mono WF 123ft 1ft 17ft 17ft 1ft 87ft
          6 7 8 9        
40+ DI5 Sink Mono WF 123ft 1ft 17ft 17ft 1ft 87ft
          6 7 8 9        
40+ DI7 Sink Mono WF 123ft 1ft 17ft 17ft 1ft 87ft
          6 7 8 9        

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