The Design Team  

Richard Wothers
Airflo Production Director Richard runs the fly line manufacturing facility and heads all product development. He gave up the potential career as a professional cricketer to study for a degree in Zoology. After University he worked as a fisheries Biologist on the Atlantic Salmon rivers Usk and Wye. He gained the Professional Fly Casting Instructor (APGAI) qualification at 28 and enjoys all forms of fly fishing. Richard has been responsible for many of Airflo’s innovative breakthroughs and his credits include polyleaders, line welding and polyfuse technology.
Mel Krieger
If a list of fly fishing's most influential people were to be created, Mel Krieger would be among the names at the very top. Since his first trip to New Zealand more than 35 years ago, Mel has helped people catch for fish all over the world. He has earned the respect of fly fishers everywhere, from exotic places like Argentina, Japan and Iceland to his favourite trout streams in America. Mel is also acknowledged as one of the greatest casting instructors of all time. He is currently helping Airflo with some of its cutting edge fly line design.
Tim Rajeff
Tim became a hardened fly fisherman at the age of 10, fishing for trout in Northern California. Following in the footsteps of a famous brother Tim became a champion caster at a young age. After working in Montana and Alaska Tim took time to develop a series of fishing camps in a remote corner of Russia where the runs of Atlantic salmon are healthy and strong, Perhaps it is his engineering background and analytic mind or the years of competition where casts over 200 feet are common that drive Tim to push equipment design to the extreme, Tim is the North American distributor for Airflo and contributes to design of many Airflo's products.
Dec Hogan
Dec began fishing with two-handed rods before modern line and rods were popular. He quickly became a master of the Spey cast and continues to be at the forefront of new casting techniques and equipment. Dec spends most of his time guiding and fishing the rivers that flow to the west coast of the United States and Canada. In this region of the world the use of two-handed rods have become the dominant method of fly fishing for Steelhead and is the source of innovative equipment and techniques. Dec continues to contribute to the design of Airflo's two-handed lines and Polyleaders.
Steve Rajeff
No other caster in history of organized fly casting competition has won more awards than Steve. With unbelievable strength and explosive hand speed Steve has pushed equipment beyond the normal limits and has broken all records along the way. He has been at the front of cutting edge rod design for over 25 years and continues to develop new rod designs and materials. If it swims Steve fishes for it. Steve lives on the banks of a river famous for it's Steelhead fishing and when he is not fishing in his own back yard he fishes the flats of the Bahamas to the big rivers of Alaska and everything in between. Always interested in sharing his knowledge Steve continues to teach classes and give casting clinics. Through improvements in equipment and materials Airflo now has what it takes to tap Steve's ideas and included them in some of Airflo's newest lines.
Gareth Jones
Airflo Sales Director, Gareth has travelled all over the world and has caught fish on every continent (almost - Arctic and Antarctic excluded!). A Stillwater expert, Gareth has represented his country at World Championship level where he achieved a silver medal. In 2003 he won the UK 'Champion of Champions' event beating a high quality field of the UK's top 100 Stillwater anglers. In recent years, Gareth has been applying his Stillwater skills to Saltwater flyfishing with great results, landing some large striped bass and a recent Cuban 'Grand Slam'.