Mogul #4 black, Brass-Handle Retrieve Mogul Size4 black

Product number: 400

Fliegenrollen / Mogul

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We are rather proud of this fresh and saltwater big game reel which was designed with the most demanding conditions in mind. Extensively tested in the Hawaiian waters on large game fish, this reel proved itself time after time. Designed in the style of a traditional salmon reel. It can be supplied with a classic brass or more contemporary aluminium crank. In order to achieve optimum drag performance, we designed a unique drag system that applies pressure on both sides of the spool. Special attention was given to the sliding bearing which is completely saltwater proof and easy to clean. the spool changed with supplied tool.

• Ttanium nitrate treated main shaft
• Hard coated rotating shaft
• Double drag system
• Sinter bronce sliding bearing with grease compartment in the spool
• Easily converted from left to right hand use
• Rim Control
• Saltwater resistant
• Three sizes to choose from in multiple colors
• Interchangeable crank
• supplied in a red pouch,
• optional with a neoprenbag

Size AFTMA Weight Kapacity d-spool wide
3 9-11 322 g WF10 + 150 m 101 mm 33 mm
4 10-12 340 g WF11 + 180 m 101 mm 40 mm
5 12-11 368 g WF12 + 250 m 101 mm 50 mm



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